Why Employee Longevity is Important for Businesses

Although automation is becoming more prevalent in business today, having a knowledgeable and experienced staff can truly elevate your company above the competition. At Office Systems, employee career length is key to our success, with the average employee working with us for 15 years, and one-third of them exceeding 20 years.

Here are just three of the ways that we found employee experience improves our business and how it can improve yours too!

Long-Term Employees Understand Your Clients

The greatest benefit that long-term employees provide to an employer is their customer service. Clients don’t want to just do business with a faceless brand, they want to feel understood and respected by those they deal with. Sales is a relationship-based business, and having staff that are friendly with customers and understand their needs can make yours the best sales force around.

Long-Term Employees Save Your Company Money

Firing and hiring new staff is an expensive process, with companies paying for severance, advertising, and training before the new hire can begin. Long-term staff help you avoid this pricey process, but can also make it much easier when you do have to hire someone new. Veteran staff members can take these new hires under their wing and teach them the ropes, helping them avoid costly mistakes.

Long-Term Employees Prove Your Business Works

If a business is churning employees with alarming regularity, they may be considered unstable and could potentially alienate customers. Employees who stick with you for long periods of time don’t just improve your company operations from the inside, they also create an image of stability that will maintain your current relationships and attract new clients as well.

Long-term staff that enjoy working for your organization can also be a great lure for new talent, with 87% of millennials considering job security their priority for new jobs. By having a motivated workforce that is committed to your business, you can expand your clientele and begin nurturing the next generation of customers for your company.
At Office Systems, we provide all the tools employers need to ensure the success of their businesses and their employees. Give us a call today at 800-779-7030 or visit us online to see how our long-term staff can help you today!