Unsurpassed service, integrity, and trust set us apart!

We realize that unsurpassed service, integrity, and trust are essential in maintaining a strong relationship with our customers. Because of this commitment, we provide one of the largest service and network support staffs of any office equipment dealership in the area.

Excellence through experience!

Our employees have an incredible amount of tenure, including our management staff who average an amazing 25 years with Office Systems Company!! With our dedication to ongoing education and training, you can be confident in receiving unrivaled experience, and the comfort of knowing our employees stay with us for years.

Sales Support

Have your business needs changed dramatically in the last few years? Most have, and the Imaging Consultants at Office Systems Company are ready to help you with today’s complex workflow. With an average of 13 years selling experience, and utilizing today’s new technology, they can help you find solutions to increase your productivity and save you money!

Each Imaging Consultant receives extensive on-going training from our Manufacturers and our Certified Dealer Trainers.

Network Support

Adding products to your network can be risky if you aren’t working with people who know what they’re doing! You can be confident that the team at Office Systems Company has the knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate our products onto your network. In addition to averaging 25 years with the company, our professional staff includes Network Support Specialists who are A+ certified and Network+ certified as well as earning certifications through our manufacturer.

Service Support

We know how important it is for your document workflow to keep running smoothly. The Service Specialists at Office Systems Company are located throughout the area to provide timely response to your needs. Not only do our technicians average over 19 years of service experience, the extensive ongoing education and training include Associates Degrees in Electronics, Certified Factory Training, Technical Solutions Seminars, and more. What does that mean for you? Experienced, knowledgeable people who can solve your problems quickly, and get you up and running in no time!

Customer Support

When you partner with Office Systems you benefit from an entire team of support professionals. From Service Dispatch and Contracts, to Inventory Control, Parts and Bookkeeping, our knowledgeable customer service personnel average 14 years of tenure with the company, and are ready to help with your questions!