Did you know that industry analysts estimate that as much as 3% of your organization’s annual revenue is spent on costs associated with output devices like digital copiers, printers, fax machines, and others? And while this is a staggering number, most organizations don’t have a firm grasp on these costs, or how to manage them.

In addition to cost, there are other headachesassociated with trying to manage these devices:

  • Your I.T. staff—whether internal or external—have important areas to focus on, but spend nearly half their time burdened with printing issues
  • Printers seem to multiply, with different purchase costs and different operating costs, and with no oversight or accountability
  • You contact multiple vendors for service and support, receiving invoices sporadically and uncontrolled
  • The explosion of color printing has substantially increased printing costs
  • It’s difficult to actually determine your total printing costs, so it’s difficult to control them

Let Office Systems Company cure your printing headaches with our Managed Document Services! 

  • One invoice for all covered devices, from one vendor!
  • Controlled device and output management!
  • Know exactly what you’re spending for printing supplies!
  • Automatic supply ordering!
  • Automatic meter reading!
  • Service notifications!
  • More!!

We can show you a simple, effective way to manage all your output devices, control your costs, and increase productivity!  Here’s how:

Goals Analysis:  We’ll meet with you to discuss your current situation, and determine your goals, so we can develop a solution that best fits your needs.

Device Analysis: We will conduct an on-site tour to review your existing devices—where they’re located, how they’re used, and determine the needs for each area.  We will also implement our data capture software to collect information about each device in order to make recommendations for improvement.

Preliminary Review: Following the device analysis we will meet with you to review the initial findings and to verify the accuracy of the information.  We will also discuss our recommendations to help streamline your operations.

Ongoing Assessment: We will meet with you periodically to analyze your workflow and determine any ongoing improvements, changes, optimize device management, supply order history and more.

You’ll have reduced downtime with our preventative maintenance, and our automated supply order process will monitor your toner usage, and automatically send you toner when needed!  No more worrying about checking your toner supplies!  And with automated meter reads, you won’t be bothered with sending in your meter reads every month!  So many benefits, allowing you to be more efficient at what you do best: helping your organization!