What You Need to Know Before Buying Office Equipment

Your organization needs many things to run well: a skilled staff, a healthy work environment, and office equipment & solutions that can get the job done. Not all dealers are the same, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in the world.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when dealing with an equipment dealer.

What is Their Reputation?
Before buying anything from any dealer, always check to make sure the company has a good track record of being honest and providing quality services. While all dealers will claim to have this, it’s worth your time to check for yourself.

How Long Have They Been in Business?
Businesses that exist for decades usually last because they have the experience to solve your problems quickly, and they are constantly improving their own processes, so they can improve yours. In addition, how long has the dealer represented the brand(s) it sells? Office Systems Company has represented Lanier/Ricoh for 27 years, and Canon for 42 years, and has a strong relationship with each vendor.

How Strong is Their Service Department?
Does your dealer have experienced service and IT technicians? Are they close enough to respond in a timely manner? How many service professionals does your dealer have? Are they factory-trained? What certifications do they have? How much experience do they have? At Office Systems Company, all of our technicians are factory-trained and certified, and average 18 years in the business.

What is The Quality of Their Equipment?
When it comes to your organization, you want to have the best equipment possible. It’s worth your time to find out how reliable the equipment is, whether researching yourself, or asking your dealer to provide unbiased, 3 rd party reviews and comparisons. Some equipment produces good image quality initially, but it doesn’t last. Compare the weight of the machines to see how sturdily they’ve been made. How much R&D does the
manufacturer put into improving their equipment each year? Does the equipment have cutting edge technology? Canon and the Ricoh Family Group are the top two manufacturers in the country, and they’re both available at Office Systems Company.

Finding the best dealer for your office equipment can be a hunt, but Office Systems Co. has 125 years of experience helping businesses, knowledgeable staff who can solve your problems, and the best office equipment in the industry. Give our experts a call today at (712) 277-7000 or visit us online to find out how we can help you.