What is Cloud Storage and Why does My Business Need It?

The cloud is an abstract concept. It’s a dense cluster of computers all working together just like a cloud in the sky is a dense cluster of water molecules. Why do you need the cloud? Keep reading to see why its safety, and scalability are the perfect fit for your business. Call us at (800) 779-7030 should you have additional questions!

It’s Safe
Cloud storage is a very safe alternative to storing files in your personal or work computer because it’s equipped with several security features, such as the following:


Authenticated Access
Authenticated access refers to systems that ensure a person accessing a file or document is actually permitted to do so. An example of this would be password protection with security questions.

The cloud will store login credentials and IP addresses so that security breach attempts can always be tracked. This usually involves tracking who is opening or editing a given document, and when exactly the file or document was accessed.

Data Encryption
Data Encryption is a little more complex. Files and documents will be effectively locked, in accordance with the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, so that they cannot be accessed by an unauthorized source, person, or malware.

Physical Location
This is an important benefit of keeping your data stored away from your office. If your computer or server is destroyed or stolen, you’ll still be able to access your important files and documents. Not even a natural disaster will shut you down!

It’s Scalable
If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard of what it means for your business to be scalable. There are two main ways the cloud’s scalability will help your business:

As your business grows, it takes on more costs. In order to keep up with your growth, you would have to continue to supply expensive hardware to meet your needs. However, you can purchase cloud storage and upgrades to scale with your business without any investment in hardware. You’ll save money with the cloud by only spending on the space you require.

Growth Opportunity
With the accessibility offered by cloud storage, your employees can access and/or edit documents live from any computer, instead of dealing with the hassle of downloading them from an email, editing them, and then emailing them back. Or even more time consuming, having to retrieve documents from a file cabinet, scanning them in, editing them, printing them, then re-filing them. The more employees you have, and the more spread out they are, the more important this becomes.

It’s Just the Beginning
The value of cloud computing is projected to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 19%. This means that the cloud will have much more to offer in the very near future. Hop on board with the exciting development of cloud storage with Office Systems Co. today!