Toner Pirates (and How to Avoid Them)

Are you aware of toner scams? Scammers will try anything to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers and businesses, so it’s important to be aware so you can protect yourself and your company. Toner scammers (or toner pirates) in particular can be tough to recognize, so we’ve put together a guide to help.

What are Toner Pirates?
Toner pirates are telemarketing scammers who say that they’re representing a toner company (or a dealership like us) or a national supplier to convince unsuspecting consumers to buy their product. Often, the call will involve a line about an increase in toner prices with an offer to buy them at the cheaper rate before they go up in price. Unlucky individuals who fall for the scam often end up with an order of low-grade toner or printer supplies at an elevated price with no option to return the shipment. Sometimes scammers will skip the call and simply send an invoice for toner cartridges that you never ordered in the first place.

How to Avoid Toner Scams
Scammers succeed because they get information from unsuspecting employees. Avoid giving out any of your equipment information (serial number, make or model, etc.) to anyone to prevent scammers from learning which printers you have and which businesses you buy from. Don’t give out information about your organization or your employees, either. Never accept free gifts from unknown callers claiming to be your supplier, and don’t commit to anything over the phone; ask for everything in writing. Scams are more successful when scammers are able to slip through the cracks, so ensure that you have a process for managing your supplies. If you suspect you’re being scammed, notify your print provider immediately.

The Office Systems Co. Guarantee
At Office Systems Co., we will never solicit our customers for toner or supplies. If you receive a call from someone using our name, it’s not us! We want to improve your workflow! By combining our expertise and support with solutions from top vendors like Canon, Lanier, Kyocera, and more, we’ll help you make your organization run as efficiently as possible. We’re a vendor you can trust, so put your mind at ease and let our award-winning service department help! Contact us online or by calling our main office toll-free at 800-779-7030.