The Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment Instead of Purchasing

When you’re starting a business, inspiration and work ethic are at an all-time high—but cash is often in far lower supply. One of the best ways to reduce the upfront cost of getting your business off the ground is to lease your office equipment rather than buying it outright. While it
may seem strange to work with equipment that you don’t own, there are many benefits to leasing over buying.

Free Up your Cash Flow
Loans to finance equipment typically require down payments of up to 25% or more, which can seriously restrict a growing company’s available cash.

Keep Up to Date with Technology
Whether your company needs to stay on the cutting edge to stay ahead, or simply wants to provide employees with the best, most ergonomic, and most dependable equipment to make their work faster, leasing is a better way to reduce the hassles and expenses of working with the latest tech. After all, a series of short-term leases will cost less overall than buying new equipment every year or two (not to mention trying to sell off your old equipment in the process).

Tax Benefits and Better Balance Sheets
Businesses can often deduct lease payments as business expenses, which leaves open the working capital that would have otherwise gone toward purchasing your equipment up front. In addition, monthly lease payments are business expenses, rather than long-term debt. The less debt on your balance sheet, the easier it is to find financing to fund your business. Best of all, you’ll have fewer depreciation costs to account for in your company’s financials.

Repair and Maintenance Services
With leasing you can combine the cost of the equipment and your maintenance service that keep your machines functioning well in one easy payment.

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