Should You Bring Your Outsourced Printing In-House?

The new year calls for new strategies. If your company is paying to outsource printing, it might be time to rethink your approach. Commercial printing still provides a valuable service, and in some cases, extremely large runs of specialized material may be better generated by a commercial printer. But in addition to potential significant cost savings, there are several other benefits to bringing your printing in-house.


Nobody knows your company’s needs better than you do. If you want to use different finishing processes or choose a material you can’t find at a commercial print shop, it’s way easier to do it when you have high-quality equipment at your disposal. With the right equipment you can produce catalogs, manuals, posters, brochures, booklets and much more—on a variety of media. Save time and increase efficiency by not having to explain your specific desires to a third-party company.


Let’s say you’re up against a printing deadline and need to get a job done ASAP. With in-house printing it’s no problem, even with last-minute changes! You can create complex workflows and save them, so authorized employees can replicate them on their own. Print what you need, when you need it, without minimum counts! Customers appreciate information that is relevant to them. In-house printing allows you to use variable data printing/mail merge to provide targeted messaging to each of them. Personalize names, addresses, forms, invoices, logos and more, based on individual needs and interests, while maintaining a professional, uniform appearance.


If an organization outsources their printing, they must pay close attention to what kind information is being sent out, and how the outsourced printer handles this information. Is their network secure? Will they electronically store this information after the job is done? Working with an outside printer might mean more points of failure in keeping your information secure. Retaining your print jobs in-house allows you more security throughout the process.