Printing and Scanning from the Palm of Your Hand

Equipping Your Employees with Mobile Device Printing and Scanning
With things to do, people to see, and places to go, today’s office worker is no longer tied to a desk—so why is your printing solution? Mobile device printing and scanning allows its users to print from tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices in the office and even on-the-go. Read on to see why mobile device printing and scanning is the tool your workforce needs to succeed!

The Rise of BYOD
Mobile devices have changed the way we do business. With over 80% of users surfing the internet from their tablets and smartphones, desktops just aren’t as relevant as they once were in the workplace. With that being said, it’s no surprise that as many as 87% of offices now accommodate and encourage employees to ‘bring your own device’ (or BYOD) for business use. This BYOD trend has given today’s workers the ability to rely more heavily on their smartphones and tablets as their device of choice, changing the way they print and scan. How can you keep up, you ask? Mobile device printing and scanning, of course!

Mobile Device Printing and Scanning
Sure, mobile device printing and scanning does just what its name implies—allows workers to scan and print wirelessly from mobile devices—but what it can do for your business as a whole is pretty impressive.
Convenience and Productivity
Having everything you need on one device is a pretty big perk to the busy office worker. Mobile printing and scanning services allow your employees to print, access, and scan documents in a quick and easy manner, giving them more time to focus their efforts on the bigger picture. As an added bonus, a mobile printing platform can even allow mobile workers to search out and find nearby qualified printers for on-the-go printing needs!

Hardware Cost Reduction
One device that does it all isn’t just convenient—it’s cost saving, too! Whether implementing a BYOD policy or making the switch from PC to tablet, your business stands to save a lot in operating costs, maintenance costs, technology costs, and more by making the move to mobile.

Client Impression
Not only do mobile printing and scanning services give your employees the ability to wow customers with printed content, but they also allow clients to take advantage of the platform to print and scan their own documents when they’re on-the-go. Given ‘guest access,’ your clients can come to you prepared (and impressed) for any meeting.

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