How to Plan the Perfect Summer Activity with Your Staff

It’s time to get the crew out of the office and relax because we can’t work all the time! By interacting outside of scheduled work hours, you will encourage deeper friendships among colleagues, increase productivity in the office, and promote a happy work environment!

Choose a Date and Activity 

First things first, choose the day that you want to schedule this epic office activity! Start by sending out a mass email to everyone with a few potential dates listed. We get it. Everyone has lives outside of the office so when choosing a date, pick the most popular time. Next, get a feel for what activity people may be interested in. Some possible options might include, but aren’t limited to, supper out, checking out a local winery or brewery, attending local sporting events, or hosting a company-wide BBQ with their families too. When choosing an activity, it’s best to hone in on a wide variety of interests. 

Choose an RSVP Date and Book the Event

Now that you’ve gotten a feel on a date and suggested activities, it’s time to book the event! Once it’s confirmed, send an email to your staff so that they can get excited too. It might be beneficial to include any relevant information about the activity or things that they may need to bring. Also, create a calendar event and send it to employees to ensure that they won’t miss it!

Arrange Transportation 

You’re away from work and just want to have a little bit of fun and indulge in some beverages. Great! Whether the plan is to have a designated driver, cab, or shuttle service transport you, it’s important to arrange a safe ride home for everyone! By planning this ahead of time, you will improve the flow of the night so that no one needs to worry about how they’re getting home.

Party planning may not be our expertise, but we sure know how to help you organize your office to run smoothly! Call us at (800)-779-7030 to see how we can help you today!