How Our Partnership with Canon and Lanier (Ricoh) Benefits Our Customers

At Office Systems Co, we offer products to help you improve your workflow systems with office equipment and document management software. In order to ensure you’re getting the best solutions available on the market, we partner with two companies that are the market share leaders in the industry: Canon and Lanier (Ricoh).

These companies alone spend billions of dollars on research and development, which reflects their commitment to excellence. Here’s how Canon and Ricoh are shaping the industry:

Thanks to their efforts on research and development, Canon and Lanier (Ricoh) have been awarded thousands of patents that set the foundation for outstanding products. For example, Canon, Inc. has been among the top five companies granted U.S. patents for 32 consecutive years, with
the latest number at 3,285 for 2017**.

Strong Support Networks
Canon and Lanier (Ricoh) are continually investing in their relationship with vendors like Office Systems Co to help them succeed. Thanks to our long-lasting relationship, we have access to resources and training that translates into improved customer service for you!

Strategic Partnerships
Last but not least, both Canon and Lanier (Ricoh) work with strategic partners for software and other third-party solutions. At Office Systems, we have software solutions that enhance your  office equipment by capturing, managing, and distributing your documents.

Our experienced team can help you improve your workplace efficiency and productivity. Are you interested in products manufactured by Canon or Lanier (Ricoh)? Reach out to us by visiting our website or by calling us at (800) 779-7030 to learn more about our products.



** Source: IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services, 2017 Top U.S. Patent Recipients. (January 9, 2018)