Benefits of Using Mobile Printing and Scanning for Your Organization

Offices are becoming more digital every day embracing many services like Google Drive. However, physical documents are still key to your business’s success, and that means having access to a printer and scanner whenever you need it.

Connect from iOS and Android mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi by installing free apps like Ricoh Smart Connector or Canon Print & Scan from the App Store or Google Play. Print photos, web pages and documents and customize their appearance including:

  • Whether the document is in color or black-and-white
  • If the document is two-sided or one sided
  • Whether or not the document is stapled

Managing your organization’s productivity has never been easier, and with the benefits of mobile printing and scanning apps, you’ll be able to control it wherever you go. Give our business solutions experts a call today at (800)779-7030 or visit us online to see our industry leading selection of printers and scanners.