6 Tricks to Keep You Active and Healthy in the Office All Winter Long

It’s winter and you haven’t been outside for a good jog in months—we’ve all been there. Here’s the thing: Even though it’s cold as the dickens out there, we all still have to make healthy choices. You’ve heard that sitting all winter is bad for your body and mind, so what are you going to…

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Printing and Scanning from the Palm of Your Hand

Equipping Your Employees with Mobile Device Printing and Scanning With things to do, people to see, and places to go, today’s office worker is no longer tied to a desk—so why is your printing solution? Mobile device printing and scanning allows its users to print from tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices in the office…

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What is Cloud Storage and Why does My Business Need It?

The cloud is an abstract concept. It’s a dense cluster of computers all working together just like a cloud in the sky is a dense cluster of water molecules. Why do you need the cloud? Keep reading to see why its safety, and scalability are the perfect fit for your business. Call us at (800)…

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